Memories of India

Monkey Pushkar IMG_3745

Pushkar, Rajasthan, India: Upon waking I made my way across the chilly floor to the patio. Maybe we were positioned to see the sun rise over the mountains. I had no idea, we arrived in the dark last night so where we were was pretty much a mystery. As I pulled back the blinds and opened the slider I reached for my camera. I stepped onto the patio and took a deep breath in. Cool, clean mountain air. While glancing around looking for the sun I spotted this little friend on the next balcony over. While I was taking his photo he awoke. He moved to front side of the railing and eventually back onto the roof to start his day.

Last Monday I created a little 21 Day Challenge for myself. Even created a new blog as its home as writing was a big part of that challenge. Another key aspect: Take or make photographs daily – anything, as both a way to hone my skills and to stay engaged.

Neither the writing or the photographing has been a problem. But what I’ve noticed about the photography part is I’m sort of phoning it in. When it comes down to the 11th hour I run out back and look for birds, bugs or flowers that would make a nice subject and I snap away, rushing through the process, defeating the purpose of that particular challenge.

Then just the other day I made a commitment to return to India in February. All new locations from the south on the Bay of Bengal up to the Ganges in the Himalayas. I love India. My traveling buddy and I are also considering stopping in Singapore for a day or two on our way. Now I have a very solid reason to dive back into studying the art of photography.

As homage to my first trip and to add a little fuel to the fire of excitement for the next, I present you a few favorite memories of India. The other blog, if you’re inclined is:

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