How to be

This trip to India was not a spin-the-globe-and-see-where-we-should-go-next kind of trip. It was thoughtfully planned by the Amrit Yoga Institute and I was fortunate enough to be able to go. The 80-year-old living guru of this institute, Yogi Amrit Desai, affectionately known as Gurudev, was with us. This was a lineage tour. Among our many sight-seeing and … More How to be

In the Wild

As we bumped our way along the scrubby desert terrain,we were treated to some of the protected wildlife in Dasada. We encountered bleached white laughing pelicans, flamingos in solitary contemplation and boisterous at happy hour. There were deer who seemed to know we were no threat, nodding, waving and sauntering along. There were four-legged moosedeerwildabeast type things … More In the Wild


From our “hut” accommodations we hopped in open jeeps and rode for over an hour to a nature preserve to see mostly wild birds. Also in residence were deer, wild asses and some other sort of large four-legged thing I have yet to identify. When we left Rann Riders it was hot. Those of us … More Safari


    Along the roadside, especially in the villages this was a common site. Women walking, many of them barefoot, in colorful clothes, carrying various things atop their heads.

Breakfast Guests

Each morning as we made our way from our little huts, we were greeted by many feathered friends. Mr. Peacock often made his appearance by the water cooler, hopping up from behind. Ms. Hen hid on one of the chairs in the dining room to escape her paramours who loomed and clucked just outside. And the best … More Breakfast Guests

Home Sweet Hut

Our home in Dasada for two nights. It was primitive in some aspects; it’s padlock, mud walls, thin mattress, holes with screens for breezes and wood burning fire water heaters. It was luxury in its huge shower and bathroom, walk-in closet, porch swings and above all the beautiful surroundings and delicious food.

On the Road

To say that transporation is interesting throughout India would be a gross understatement. I saw very little evidence of traffic laws or directional signs yet there were also no accidents. Sharing the road goes way beyond allowing bicycles some space.