in its own true nature

A fish cannot drown in water, A bird does not fall in air. In the fire of its making, Gold doesn’t vanish: The fire brightens. Each creature God made Must live in its own true nature; How could I resist my nature,  That lives for oneness with God.              …

WPC: Ephemeral

Ephemeral: “Lasting for a very short time.” This applies to so many things but for me those magic golden times when the sun is rising or setting are the most captivating, transitory and intangible moments. No two alike. Ever. Driving home one early morning from a yoga retreat I had to pull over to catch this foggy … More WPC: Ephemeral

Bird Nerd

  This morning I rose earlier than usual to sub a yoga class at 8 am.  I did my morning practices, got myself together and left for the studio in plenty of time. On my way, I pass by sod fields daily. The busy road bisects the lush spring green carpets of grass into north and … More Bird Nerd


In the morning, gathered around the kitchen table, we began to plan our day. Lancaster, to visit the older sister, was a definite. I would love to spend some time wandering around the countryside, driving too slow behind horses and buggies, picking up some apple butter, photographing the mysterious residents of Amish country, but that … More Sisterhood

The Sperm Donor

At this point in my road trip stories, my father has become an integral character. With your permission I will share a bit about him here. It’s a tedious and meandering tale that I will endeavor to abridge, lest you get lost or nod off. Back in the 1950’s my father met and married a … More The Sperm Donor


Once again in my trusty Honda Civic we find our way to Pennsylvania. I am excited to go to Harrisburg. The last time I was here my grandfather had just passed away. It was the late 80’s and my brother and I had decided separately and without the other knowing it, to dye our dirty … More Familyville