Islamorada, FL. The Florida keys. Dinner and a show. Found a new “challenge” to add to my weekly photo challenge rotation. Skywatch. This one is easy for me, I am an air sign and I am always looking up. For one whole year I posted a photo to Facebook of the Florida sky every day, … More Skywatch

I Heart Florida – Alphabet Photo Challenge – F

My relationship with Florida has evolved much like a good marriage. It began courting me when I was younger, using my grandparents as bait. I would fly from Washington DC to St. Petersburg by myself when I was about 8. The lovely stewardesses (that’s what they were called back then) would take good care of … More I Heart Florida – Alphabet Photo Challenge – F

Catching Up

Virtually pawing through recent photos takes me back to amazing moments, while challenging myself to look for the letter C in my immediate surroundings for new photos ops  brings me immediately present. It’s what’s so enchanting about photography for me. So much emotion can be evoked by a single image; memory mixed with new insight. … More Catching Up

Plan B

I have abandoned my writing most nearly a month now. At first I didn’t miss it, I felt I had nothing new to contribute and who was reading it anyway. But about a week in I got a little sad, longing for the click of the words across the blank screen. I busied myself with … More Plan B

Alligator Appreciation

There is something so fascinating about a prehistoric animal that barely moves yet strikes such fear in so many. In truth, alligators rarely attack people unless they are provoked. And if you’re going to harass an alligator, well then. On the other hand they are not warm and fuzzy either. They are their number one … More Alligator Appreciation

Ancient Anhingas

The wing drying bird, the snake bird, the water bird. It wasn’t until I posted a photo of one of these beautiful birds on Facebook that I learned they had another name. Turns out they’re quite an ancient, abundant, and protected. And they’re super fun to watch.