A little town in Tuscany 

 We awake at a reasonable hour. That first class flying thing makes such a huge difference in jet lag. We open the shutters and then the glass to take in the scents and sounds of a Pisa morning. There is coffee brewing somewhere below us. Fresh laundry has been hung out to dry. Distant voices, … More A little town in Tuscany 

No Pizza in Pisa

 The first night of our Italian adventure begins. As we leave our hotel we stop at the front desk to ask ‘Sarah’ for directions to “The Tower.” “Oh, it is very closa. Just go down thisa waya. Turn lefta and it is there.” We turned before we were supposed to, compelled by some unknown shiny … More No Pizza in Pisa

The Italian Affair

 We began our journey in the sky lounge of Miami International Airport. We are flying first class – which was a nice surprise to me. As we sipped our wine we wondered aloud about all the amazing and beautiful sites awaiting, us then turned our attention toward solving the problems of the world. Our own … More The Italian Affair

Pink Birds

From Roseate Spoonbills in Florida – my favorite silly birds – to the majestic flamingos in India. Surreal blushes of natures folly.