On the Street Where I Live

The street where I live is always bustling with activity. There are briskly walking women in their 60s, deep in conversation about last night’s dinner, GMOs, consciousness, their thighs. There’s the pack of wild boys, hopped-up on sugar, racing on their bicycles down to the gas station on the corner for more sugar to fuel … More On the Street Where I Live


According to the Medicine Cards the lizard represents Dreaming. I connected so strongly to this message that over 20 years ago I honored the lizard permanently on my skin. A tiny lizard tattoo lives quietly on my shoulder. Dreams live in the shadows, in the future. Lizard medicine allows us to review our dreams before … More Dreaming

Trust the Process

Today I am wandering through the catacombs of my brain, aided in part by my fickle lover, caffeine, who always stimulates fascinating, albeit rapid, conversation between the Gemini twins within me. At present, two thoughts are jockeying for position. Really two sides of the same coin. The first: Why, how and when did our society … More Trust the Process