Before the Birds

Just on the other side of the French doors, past the artificial light from the bronze lamp with the burlap shade, beyond the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the warmth of a settled home dotted with breakfast-drowsy pets, lies my motivation for rising before the birds. A pair of estate sale wicker chairs with … More Before the Birds

WPC: Ephemeral

Ephemeral: “Lasting for a very short time.” This applies to so many things but for me those magic golden times when the sun is rising or setting are the most captivating, transitory and intangible moments. No two alike. Ever. Driving home one early morning from a yoga retreat I had to pull over to catch this foggy … More WPC: Ephemeral

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – You Are My Sunshine, Chorus

  I have been photographing the sky forever. I have copious amounts of sunrises, sunsets, and sun rays peeking out of clouds as if heaven itself was made visible. I have the suns rays illuminating fog, reflecting off water and creating great and wonderful shadows. But this little tuxedo kitty is my sunshine. She showed … More Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – You Are My Sunshine, Chorus

I Heart Florida – Alphabet Photo Challenge – F

My relationship with Florida has evolved much like a good marriage. It began courting me when I was younger, using my grandparents as bait. I would fly from Washington DC to St. Petersburg by myself when I was about 8. The lovely stewardesses (that’s what they were called back then) would take good care of … More I Heart Florida – Alphabet Photo Challenge – F

Plan B

I have abandoned my writing most nearly a month now. At first I didn’t miss it, I felt I had nothing new to contribute and who was reading it anyway. But about a week in I got a little sad, longing for the click of the words across the blank screen. I busied myself with … More Plan B