Baboons, Bananas and Breakfast

Day 16 – let the travel circus begin “There are monkeys everywhere,” Karin announces as we are packing a little before breakfast to prepare for our departure at 10 am. I drop what I’m doing and grab my camera. The monkeys, or baboons, the black faced placid variety in any case, are collecting in a … More Baboons, Bananas and Breakfast

Holy Monkey Man

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India: Monkey Temple. There is a huge temple in Jaipur that is dedicated and devoted to monkeys, although it is not a Haunuman temple. These red faced critters are a little more aggressive than the black faced ones roaming the towns of Rajasthan, but there are monkey handlers and holy men, like this … More Holy Monkey Man

Memories of India

Pushkar, Rajasthan, India: Upon waking I made my way across the chilly floor to the patio. Maybe we were positioned to see the sun rise over the mountains. I had no idea, we arrived in the dark last night so where we were was pretty much a mystery. As I pulled back the blinds and … More Memories of India