Ancient Anhingas

The wing drying bird, the snake bird, the water bird. It wasn’t until I posted a photo of one of these beautiful birds on Facebook that I learned they had another name. Turns out they’re quite an ancient, abundant, and protected. And they’re super fun to watch.

A is for Ashram

  The Weekly Photo Challenge got me thinking about letters this week.  Since I am between big, huge, awesome, amazing trips – until I win a Linblad National Geographic expedition on Jeopardy – I am going to issue myself a challenge for this  blog, For the next 26 weeks I will be posting photos daily based on letters of … More A is for Ashram

Pretty as a Painting

Rajagiri, Tamil Nadu, India There are some places you visit that appear monochromatic, even boring on the surface. This is especially true if you’ve just come from a city alive with color. I stopped at this piece of ancient history as I was traveling from Tiruvannamalai to Pondicherry. Tiruvannamalai is a destination for many spiritual … More Pretty as a Painting

Shiny things

London, England It’s been almost two months since I’ve returned from India. For three full days before India I was in London. I had nearly forgotten. I loved it. It was chilly and one day quite rainy, but the energy was electric, in a perfectly appropriate British way, and they had a Starbucks right around … More Shiny things

Sign of Summer

Oviedo, FL Look who came to visit me today. I opened the screen door to let the dogs out and she flew right in front of me and landed in my bay tree. I asked her to wait, please, please, please, while I grabbed my camera. She did. I snapped off three shots, looked down … More Sign of Summer

One in a Bajillion

Oviedo, FL I don’t have to wander far to find interesting critters to chat with. This prehistoric fellow is one of hundreds in my tiny backyard. With each step I take they scatter from beneath my feet in some sort of reverse Godzilla world. My dachshund, in particular likes to chase them up waterspouts, waiting … More One in a Bajillion