Magical Tree

Before we even step into the Monkey Temple I spy this tree. To me it seems to have some significance. I don’t know what it is. The brightly colored offerings under it seem important, but they could also just be laundry. At this point in the trip I had been there just long enough to read … More Magical Tree


It continued to surprise me what a spectacle we were in this country.  This little girl stopped next to our bus on her way home from school just to check us out and get her picture taken. Here fear is replaced with curiosity. Nice lesson.


Some of my favorite shots are the drive-bys. They are not always the sharpest, but I’m always happily surprised when what I saw is what I get. For some reason, this gentleman standing sentry outside this seemingly abandoned building intrigued me. I also really like the juxtaposition of the finely decorated doors and marble steps against … More Sentry

Looking Good

In Rajasthan in January it is chilly in the mornings, warming up beautifully to the mid 70s. I appreciated this woman’s fashion sense. She wasn’t going to let a little chill keep her from wearing her matching flip flops and jangly anklets.


It is impossible to travel more than 100 feet without encountering some sort of temple. This one was right off one of the main thoroughfares in the Pink City.

Spicey Start

Before 11 AM on any morning in Jaipur the only thing you will find open is the spice market and a smattering of stores that cater specifically to tourists. As we walked through the spice market we were greeted with the most enticing aromas of food being prepared, hot peppers in the open air and … More Spicey Start

Pink City

Most of our arrivals in India we at night after a significant day of travel. Jaipur was no different. In that way. In every other way it was like going to a completely new country. Our first morning was to be a ride into the Pink City to check out the spice market and other … More Pink City