I can’t get enough of my niece Adyson. There’s so much of her, I’m willing to share. Advertisements

Abodes of India

It’s day five of All Things Beginning with A. Today’s topic is abode. Abode: a place in which a person resides; residence; dwelling; habitation; home. As I travel, I have learned that a home can be almost anywhere and made of almost anything. We don’t like to think about people living on the streets, in boxes, in … More Abodes of India

Alligator Appreciation

There is something so fascinating about a prehistoric animal that barely moves yet strikes such fear in so many. In truth, alligators rarely attack people unless they are provoked. And if you’re going to harass an alligator, well then. On the other hand they are not warm and fuzzy either. They are their number one … More Alligator Appreciation