One in a Bajillion

BY IMG_7040

Oviedo, FL

I don’t have to wander far to find interesting critters to chat with. This prehistoric fellow is one of hundreds in my tiny backyard. With each step I take they scatter from beneath my feet in some sort of reverse Godzilla world. My dachshund, in particular likes to chase them up waterspouts, waiting patiently turning his head this way and that, tail wagging as he hears them scurry further up. Then another runs past and he’s off again. I wonder if he thinks it’s the same one.

Over the years, these brown gents have greatly reduced the population of the beautiful bright green chameleons, but on occasion one can be spotted on higher ground. I saw one just today on the screen of my back porch.

In Native American Medicine the lizard represents dreaming. I relate so deeply to this that a small lizard on my right shoulder was my very first tattoo. As Einstein said, “Imagination is intelligence having fun.” Score one for the dreamer.

This charmer posed for quite some time, defying the talons of carnivorous birds to be sure I captured his best side. I think I did.

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