Being of Light


01 FB 042Cocoa Beach, FL

You are made of light.

I have seen it; when you were feeling a little sad and forgot to laugh it off.

I saw it once when you didn’t feel good. You were too tired to apologize for…everything. There is no need to be sorry. Never apologize for being.

When you were angry, for just that raw split second, I saw the spark. But you took care of it. Let it go. Drank it away.

But you are made of light.

Not everyone can see the light. You must first recognize your own light before you can see it others. You can often feel the warmth of it without being able to identify it. You want to be near the warmth, enfolded in its embrace. Light seeks light. You are seeking.

It’s almost time for you to find your light. When the cloaks become too heavy and the protection a liability, lean back and crack. Fall wide open.

Be engulfed in the light of your own flame. Burn off the parts that no longer fit. Allow the opinions and ideas of others to fall to ash at your feet.

Let the tears, fast, glorious and full of the past to douse the flames, revealing a vulnerability that can only be known by one name. Light.

You are made of light.

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