FB George

In the middle of the Ocala National Forest on beautiful Lake Kerr lives a fairy tale goose we know as George. Also located on Lake Kerr is the Amrit Yoga Institute and the fine folks of this home away from home for me named this handsome fella. At least we think it’s a fella. None of us is familiar with goose parts.

George thinks he’s a Sand Hill Crane. Whenever the cranes are on the ground foraging for food, he can be found close by pretending to understand what they’re doing. When they take off in flight he honks furiously at being left behind but then goes about his business of gliding along the lakefront looking dapper.

George has a new girlfriend in the form of a Canada Goose decoy. He loves her. Sometimes too much. She is moored to a buoy so she can’t drift away and at times he becomes so amorous with her she flips over. He doesn’t seem to mind. They date quite frequently and seem perfectly happy.

Blog IMG_5039

We love this silly goose. We don’t know where he came from or who he belongs to, although we do suspect he has an actual “home” somewhere down the shoreline. We’re just happy to have him visit and chat with us once in a while.

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