Laxmi Palace

In the middle of a crowded, littered, vibrant city sits a castle of stone. The Laxmi Palace is set way back on beautiful green acreage in Baroda, Gujarat. Most of the downstairs and the grounds were open to tourists but in some part of this palace people still live.

Rooftop fliers

There is skill involved in this kite festival. On this day people of all ages purchase inexpensive paper kites, lots of them, and at least one roll of kite string embedded with glass. You can’t feel the glass when you run your fingers along it, but when it’s in the air with the force of the … More Rooftop fliers

Kite Festival

When we arrive in Baroda, Gujarat it is on the day of the Kite Festival. This is an annual event and a big deal in Gujarat marking the transition between seasons, symbolizing the end of winter. The religious belief is that on this day the gods awaken after six months and throw open the portals of heaven. It … More Kite Festival

Welcome to India

For over a year I have been planning this trip. I didn’t actually know when it would be or how much it would cost, I just knew I was going and that I would be going with Yogi Amrit Desai. A little over a year ago I was sitting in darshan (an inspirational and philosophical talk given … More Welcome to India