Close Encounter with a Brahma Bull

FB 02 OTR to Kutch IMG_1490Cows are a part of the landscape all over India. This is pretty common knowlege. They’re not exactly absent along the back roads of America either, but for some reason seeing the first Brahma cow, out in the open, on the street was exciting. As you can imagine this was not the only picture I took of our humpbacked friend but it is my favorite.

As we were standing in line waiting to use the porcelain hole in the ground – literally – I peered around the corner to look down the road. We were on a higway of sorts and I had seen a cow or two walking around. Just as I looked, this fella was coming toward me. Just lumbering along. This is his country. He owns the road.

As he got closer he found an old rusty piece of rebar sticking out of a cement post, perfect for scratching his chin. He scratched and scratched, glancing sideways at me once or twice, turned his head scratched the other side, then went on his way.

The cows, especially the older ones have this centered presence about them. They allow you to pet them, but don’t stick around long. They don’t reject your touch or ask for it. It just happens or it doesn’t. Makes no difference to them. Nice way to be.

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