Rooftop fliers

FB 05 Baroda IMG_1991There is skill involved in this kite festival. On this day people of all ages purchase inexpensive paper kites, lots of them, and at least one roll of kite string embedded with glass. You can’t feel the glass when you run your fingers along it, but when it’s in the air with the force of the wind behind it, its mission is to cut other kites down. Our guide could hardly contain himself as he ran to the polo field to launch his first kite.

“You’re pretty excited about this.”

“It’s my favorite sport!”

If you’ve ever read the Kite Runner, and I recommend you do, you’ll know exactly what this kite fighting is all about.

The tiny colorful dots in the sky are kites and at the other end are tiny people on every available rooftop in the city.

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