I Wander Therefore I Am

There’s something that happens as women age. There’s a settling of cells. Thoughts and ideas begin to coalesce into a comfortable belief system. The picture of who we are begins to come into focus.

This is how it has been for me anyway. I am constantly challenged, of course, but I’m more open to others opinions. I find everything more interesting once I let go of the need to be right; the need to fit someone else’s idea of what a woman my age should look like or how she should act. 

Yoga may have had a hand in this. There’s this little dismantling of the ego thing that happens with enough practice. It’s a struggle, the ego does not like to be doubted or questioned. But ultimately an opening is created. The tiniest sliver of light seeps out and it is enough to illuminate the path to the true self. 

Perhaps my sense of self has also developed as a result of my propensity to wander. Leaving the comforts of home has never been a concern. In a constant quest for new, for magic, I find along with it my presence. My beingness. 

Yoga takes me to the same place, but I prefer to find ME among towering trees, majestic mountain ranges and people completely unlike myself, instead of on a sticky mat. 

I am confident in my Self. My true nature. I KNOW that I am connected to all and at my very core – and this is true for everyone – I am always okay. 

It’s easy to forget. But when I am feeling disconnected I know the way back. 

All the rest; knowledge, stuff, even experiences, are just a way to take me deeper into the truth of who I am. 

If I let them. 


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