Waning daylight

Sunrays 1288

Amrit Yoga Institute, Salt Springs, FL: There is something subtly profound, if that’s even possible, about the transitions from Summer to Autumn and Winter to Spring. In Florida it can so easily be missed. The temperatures during the day are still in the nineties, it’s still sunny, there are still afternoon thunderstorms. But the humidity is lower, the light has changed and the evenings are beginning to cool.

Nature is changing, preparing for the darker months ahead. As a Floridian for the past 20+ years I know all too well the routine of living in an air conditioned home, driving an air conditioned car to an air conditioned office, then stopping by the air conditioned store on the way home. Those 5 minutes from car to building, especially in the middle of the day can be brutal and may be all we have to base our assumptions on about the day.

It’s not enough time. There are 23 hours and 55 more minutes in the day. Leave the confines of your cubicle, your car, your routine. Step onto something other than concrete. Nature is healing. Just resting your eyes on green space, looking for tiny critters, or watching the ripples of a pond creates a sense of peace and grounding that you can’t think yourself into. Sweat a little, get a bug bite, just get outside.

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