The Messenger

Hawk IMG_9654

I see hawks everywhere. Well, they are everywhere I just notice them. I find them to be magnificent creatures. Equal parts grace and fierceness.

I haven’t always been into birds. It wasn’t until I moved to Florida that I began to really appreciate their presence. The tall ones drew me in first. The one’s that were close to my height; Sand Hill Cranes, Great Blue Herons, even some of the egrets and storks are pretty big here. But there is something special about the whole lot of birds of prey that intrigues me.

Hawk IMG_9656

When I walk around my neighborhood at dawn or near dusk I always bump into a hawk sitting low on a tree branch or completely exposed up on the point of a roof. They are fearless. As I pass by we exchange glances and a little nod. He agrees to have his picture taken as long as I don’t interrupt his stalking and I agree to be brief. It’s a good relationship.

Hawk IMG_9824

I know the meaning of this beautiful bird is Messenger in the Native American Medicine Cards, but I’ve never really given that much thought. Then today, I drew the Hawk card. Upside down.

According to the Medicine Cards, Hawk teaches us to be observant, to look for signals. He is a big-picture thinker with a keen eye for detail. His screech brings us back into the present moment. Pay attention, he’s saying, to EVERYTHING.

hawk 2

As I see a glut of hawks on a daily basis, this is my reminder; to be aware, be present. But as I drew this card today it was upside down, placing it in a contrary position and that means something else entirely.

When a card is pulled upside down or we see more than our fair share of an animal, in, let’s say, the upside down position, if often means the opposite. Pull back, don’t do whatever the medicine is – at least not today.

The contrary position of the hawk card suggests that perhaps I have shut down my powers of observation. Nope, don’t think so. Or that maybe there’s something I don’t want to look at right now. Nothing comes to mind. What does resonate with me is this, “The responsibility for delivery of the message is up to you. Take your flight and forget about interpreting the omen your own way. Let the receiver decide what the message means.” Got it.

So as my friends and family and others near me go through the usual trials and tribulations of life and look expectantly to me after they’ve just made a sweeping statement of insecurity, I am neutral. What do you think? I ask. There’s the power. Support, but allow.

Graceful and fierce.


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