Laundry Day

We had one in-country flight; from Mumbai to Jaipur. On our way to the Mumbai airport traffic became more and more congested as the city began to crop up around us. It is my understanding we never really made it near the city center, although it felt very much like we were in the thick … More Laundry Day

Down by the Sea

Our next town was Daman; a resort town on the Arabian Sea. This part of the trip felt more surreal than any other to me. We were somewhat isolated and nothing had really been planned for us to do. We could rest, walk on the beach or stay in our rooms during the 2 days we … More Down by the Sea

A Day at the Office

In Kayavorohan things are still done somewhat primitively. In fact, even in the cities ancient and modern seem to mix effortlessly. In particular animals seem to be either completely untethered or working. Oxen, camels, horses and even elephants are often seen transporting people or goods.

Ray of Sunshine

There is an overall dustiness in many of the towns in India. Quite a few roads remain unpaved and certain times of the year the climate is very dry. This seemed to be especially true in Halol, a bustling city of sorts. But the dry earth and dusty trees provide the perfect backdrop for the … More Ray of Sunshine

Goods Carriers

All over India there are brightly colored and decorated trucks called Goods Carriers. And all over India there are women with various provisions balanced atop their heads. It’s amazing, really, if you look at the picture, there is no other way these women could have carried this amount of straw without some sort of cart. … More Goods Carriers


One of the recommended inoculations for travel to India is tetanus. Seeing the children in Pratapura running along rusted roof tops to fly their kites and play IN THEIR BARE FEET brought the possible necessity of this shot to the fore. I know this picture will evoke cringing among many a parent, but I’m pretty sure it … More Tetanus

Simple Life

In India they are not doers yet they get things done. They don’t press, stress or freak out. As highly spiritual as they are, their feet are still firmly planted. This welcoming little space is in the village of Pratapura.

Family Car

This is only part of the family that will ride on this motorbike at once. 5 were the most I saw, in the middle of the city, in the middle of traffic. Dad driving, mom behind him with two children between them and one child riding on the gas tank. My first thought was, “You … More Family Car

Beautiful People

Forget celebrities. These are the truly beautiful people. All of these photos were taken in the small village of Pratapura, Gujarat, India. It is the village where Yogi Amrit Desai spent the first 10 years of his life and why we are here. The floors in the residences are made of hard-packed cow dung. They … More Beautiful People