On the Streets of Ahmedebad

My first sense of India was in the town of Ahmedebad, Gujurat. I had no frame of reference for comparison and no expectations. I had only the images I’d see in movies as a guide and I didn’t expect them to be too accurate. What I found was this mysterious world unlike anywhere I’d ever … More On the Streets of Ahmedebad


Every morning at 6:30 in Baroda, Gujarat, India the Muslim prayers were broadcast over a PA system. I couldn’t tell if it was a recording or live. I believe it was live. They were beautiful. Being early in my trip I found myself awake long before the prayers and after the first day, anticipating them. If I walked out … More Prayers

Welcome to India

For over a year I have been planning this trip. I didn’t actually know when it would be or how much it would cost, I just knew I was going and that I would be going with Yogi Amrit Desai. A little over a year ago I was sitting in darshan (an inspirational and philosophical talk given … More Welcome to India