Baby Dinosaurs

I cannot walk through nature and not be amazed, not spend equal time in pure presence and deciphering animal messages. Today was no exception and the message was loud but not so clear. While it is no secret that I love to wander, and since wandering to the airport and across the pond is not … More Baby Dinosaurs


Oviedo, FL: Nearly every morning I draw a couple of cards from various oracle decks. Sounds so mystical, I know, but it helps positively guide my day; pointing my compass. This morning I drew from the Medicine Cards – a deck based on Native American interpretation of certain animals. The corresponding book has a minimum … More Blank

Clean up

I love vultures. This sentiment is usually met with the look on the face of someone who’s just smelled something very unpleasant. But allow me explain. My affinity for these birds has nothing to do with their cuddly nature but rather an appreciation for the efficiency of the work they were sent here to do. They … More Clean up