In the morning, gathered around the kitchen table, we began to plan our day. Lancaster, to visit the older sister, was a definite. I would love to spend some time wandering around the countryside, driving too slow behind horses and buggies, picking up some apple butter, photographing the mysterious residents of Amish country, but that … More Sisterhood

Street Food

We were warned against street food and even fresh fruits and vegetables for the first few days, but when we spotted this little stand, how could we resist?! We loaded up with oranges, bananas and had the vendor lop off the tops of coconuts with a machete so we could drink the delicious water directly … More Street Food

On the Road

To say that transporation is interesting throughout India would be a gross understatement. I saw very little evidence of traffic laws or directional signs yet there were also no accidents. Sharing the road goes way beyond allowing bicycles some space.