Baboons, Bananas and Breakfast

Day 16 – let the travel circus begin “There are monkeys everywhere,” Karin announces as we are packing a little before breakfast to prepare for our departure at 10 am. I drop what I’m doing and grab my camera. The monkeys, or baboons, the black faced placid variety in any case, are collecting in a … More Baboons, Bananas and Breakfast

Be Good, Do Good

Day 15 – End of February, close to the end of the trip This morning my phone predicts rain all day. The app I use is pretty reliable. The clear blue skies and bright sunshine mock my technology. Good. After yesterday a sunny day is more than welcomed. We are nearing the end of our … More Be Good, Do Good

Rain in Rishikesh

Day 14, part 2 – “It never rains this time of year.” Back in town it begins to rain. We are headed to another orphanage of sorts for lunch. Odd, you would think, but there is an exceptional little cafe that helps support this effort. This is our first stop of the afternoon. Sort of. … More Rain in Rishikesh

Flower Boats

Day 13 – Part 2 We arrive in Haridwar. We grab our bags and drag them past waiting trains and monkeys to the parking lot. There are no stairs and very few porters. Shiva Ratri is tomorrow – the celebration of Shiva – and this town is exploding with color and a hint of the … More Flower Boats


        “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” Saint Augustine Discovery Bay, Jamaica:  I share the photo of Jamaica because it was this trip that forced me to get my passport, taking me off the single page and thrusting me out into the world. … More Signs