Finding Fall in Florida

Salt Springs, FL: Searching for signs of autumn in central Florida can be a daunting task. Leaves often go from green to dead overnight. There is no easing from a bright vibrant green into the warm color palette of fall. There is alive, then dead. Mid-August most of the foliage begins to dull from the … More Finding Fall in Florida

Inside the Pagoda

Salt Springs, FL: There are these amazing flowers here, at Amrit Yoga Institute called Pagoda flowers. And that’s exactly what they look like. Tiers of little pinkish red flowers one on top of the other. They rise to about six feet and attract copious amounts of butterflies from tiny and bright yellow to giant, graceful … More Inside the Pagoda

Tread Lightly

Ft. Christmas, FL:┬áThis was going to be a calling out to stop and take in the beauty around you. To notice the wonder of nature, allow yourself to be completely present and captivated by a single dew drop on a blade of grass. To take the time to contemplate the edges of fog. To mentally … More Tread Lightly