Faraway Friday: Rishikesh, India India is always on my mind. I cannot articulate what about this mesmerizing and frustrating country has me so captivated. The people? Absolutely. The colors? For sure. The history, spirituality, devotion, customs, mystery? All of it. But when someone asks me why I love India I can never convey with words … More Reclamation


Growing up a vanilla Methodist, the word sanctuary simply meant that place in church where the minister would drone on and on forever. It’s where I sang in the choir – a mostly social event for me – took communion, and sat on hard benches waiting for the day when I could make my own … More Sanctum

Magical Mystery Tour

Rishikesh, India 2016 I was never a huge Beatles fan. I have nothing against them, I was just born about 5 minutes past the mania. But the “Beatles’ Ashram”? I fell in love with that. Somewhere south of the center of Rishikesh, India, the ashram can be found. For us it was across the Ganges on a boat then … More Magical Mystery Tour

Ganga Ma

 Each morning, we walk the short distance to the banks of the Ganges to sit in meditation for nearly an hour. Along the way we pass the sleeping shirtless man, in his makeshift permanent tent, with his dogs; an open manhole cover; and a giant mama pig rooting for breakfast as her pile of 5 … More Ganga Ma

Monochrome Mondays

Dasada, India. Not far from the Arabian Sea is the town of Dasada. Nearby the city center, which I did not have the pleasure of visiting, there is a magical place called Rann Riders. The grounds are vast with manicured walkways of tiny pebbles, dotted with statues, colunns and a few arbors. Surround the grouds … More Monochrome Mondays

Monochrome Mondays

This Buddha was born monochrome. If there were no grass behind him the picture could have been taken in black and white or color and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. He and many of his peaceful friends live at the Buddhist Temple in Orlando, Florida.

One Word Photo Challenge – Gold

  In a little corner of India is an intentional, international community called Auroville. It was founded by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. On the property is a golden dome they call the orb. In it sits a giant crystal upon which people gaze and concentrate. They must apply for entrance. Interesting place.