Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Black and white photos

There is a definite skill and art to black and white photography that I have not yet mastered. But this little fellow is too cute not to share. A curious black faced monkey peered down onto the humans as we skulked around his beloved mosque in Jaipur, India. The mosque, abandoned for many,many years became … More Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Black and white photos

An Affinity for Gates – Alphabet Photo Challenge – G

There’s something magical about gates. They create a sort of curiosity about what is on the other side, what is so precious that it must be locked away? Simply passing an open gate often feels like both an invitation and a trap. We’ll get caught going where we were previously disallowed. And so it’s the story … More An Affinity for Gates – Alphabet Photo Challenge – G

Plan B

I have abandoned my writing most nearly a month now. At first I didn’t miss it, I felt I had nothing new to contribute and who was reading it anyway. But about a week in I got a little sad, longing for the click of the words across the blank screen. I busied myself with … More Plan B

Abodes of India

It’s day five of All Things Beginning with A. Today’s topic is abode. Abode: a place in which a person resides; residence; dwelling; habitation; home. As I travel, I have learned that a home can be almost anywhere and made of almost anything. We don’t like to think about people living on the streets, in boxes, in … More Abodes of India

Holy Monkey Man

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India: Monkey Temple. There is a huge temple in Jaipur that is dedicated and devoted to monkeys, although it is not a Haunuman temple. These red faced critters are a little more aggressive than the black faced ones roaming the towns of Rajasthan, but there are monkey handlers and holy men, like this … More Holy Monkey Man

Magical Tree

Before we even step into the Monkey Temple I spy this tree. To me it seems to have some significance. I don’t know what it is. The brightly colored offerings under it seem important, but they could also just be laundry. At this point in the trip I had been there just long enough to read … More Magical Tree