Over the River and Through the Woods

¬†Awoke at 3 AM and just decided to get up and make some coffee. Ah, jet lag. Having been down this Inidan road before, I send a little prayer up to Starbucks for providing the world with instant coffee. I will migrate to chai later this morning when it is offered. I love chai, but … More Over the River and Through the Woods

Flower Boats

Day 13 – Part 2 We arrive in Haridwar. We grab our bags and drag them past waiting trains and monkeys to the parking lot. There are no stairs and very few porters. Shiva Ratri is tomorrow – the celebration of Shiva – and this town is exploding with color and a hint of the … More Flower Boats

Holy Monkey Man

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India: Monkey Temple. There is a huge temple in Jaipur that is dedicated and devoted to monkeys, although it is not a Haunuman temple. These red faced critters are a little more aggressive than the black faced ones roaming the towns of Rajasthan, but there are monkey handlers and holy men, like this … More Holy Monkey Man