I Should be Committed

I have been terribly remiss in my sharing. I have spent more time over on Instagram and Facebook seeking instant gratification avoiding the longer form I so love. It’s not that I haven’t been wandering. Last fall I took a 10 day road trip up to Pennsylvania to see my sisters and cousins, taking back … More I Should be Committed

Bee Present

Oviedo, FL: Few things bring me into the present moment faster than taking photographs. Maybe it’s not the actual act of the picture-taking so much as the hunting for a shot. Because of the nature of the subject matter I prefer, I have to be aware of everything around me. All of my senses are … More Bee Present


The lotus flower is rich in symbolism. It’s stalk is anchored in the mud and while it will bend it is nearly impossible to break. The petals are coated in a wax-like substance that keeps the flower from ever getting wet. When its three day life is over it drops its petals one at a … More Lotus