Morning After

The morning after the dance we found the performers had stayed nearby, likely in tents on the property out front. We were in a very secluded, rural part of India where pitching a tent or unrolling a blanket for sleep did not seem odd. In fact, the longer I was in India the more nothing really seemed out … More Morning After


This little girl was so poised and so centered as she watched her sisters and mother along with other girls and women dance. It was difficult for me to keep my attention on the dancers with this little being of light close by.

On film

While we knew they would be asking for money after their performance, we had no idea how important it was to them to see their own image on the camera.


As the girls waited to be called onto the dance floor they posed in their colorful, traditional clothes. They are nomadic with road worn feet and cracked fingernails and less than perfect teeth. They speak very little English. Yet they know how to pose and what we, as tourists, as westerners, want to see. They … More Waiting