You Were Born to Create Magic

Who am I to deny a gift? Who are you? It’s time to stop playing small. It’s time to step into the creative expression that is me. That is YOU. It has always been uncomfortable for me to receive praise for my creative endeavors. Not because I don’t love a good compliment, but I think … More You Were Born to Create Magic

Gus the Magic Bear

Salt Springs, FL: Deep in the Ocala National Forest. Sort of – on a main road in the middle of nowhere. Same same. The short version for those interested more in facts than insights: Bear walks across the road, sits in the forest. I drive by, take his picture. The end. Oh, and I name … More Gus the Magic Bear


There is a very special book called Medicine Cards by Sams  & Carson. In it, a variety of animals are featured along with their possible meanings according to Native American tradition. There is a deck of cards that accompanies this book and it can be used on a daily basis to draw a card at … More Illusion