Light Catcher

Oviedo, FL: As I was on a hunt in my tiny backyard for the mourning doves I kept hearing, I spotted this guy. I was stealthily ducking and bobbing low hanging branches so as not to alarm the birds and as I was about to move toward the fence the light caught his web just … More Light Catcher

Beautiful People

Forget celebrities. These are the truly beautiful people. All of these photos were taken in the small village of Pratapura, Gujarat, India. It is the village where Yogi Amrit Desai spent the first 10 years of his life and why we are here. The floors in the residences are made of hard-packed cow dung. They … More Beautiful People


As the girls waited to be called onto the dance floor they posed in their colorful, traditional clothes. They are nomadic with road worn feet and cracked fingernails and less than perfect teeth. They speak very little English. Yet they know how to pose and what we, as tourists, as westerners, want to see. They … More Waiting