From Gandhi to the Taj Mahal

Day 16 – …may never end Breakfast with monkeys, backpack with itinerary left behind, one gate at the airport. Now we’re caught up. Our flight to New Delhi is super short, less than an hour. We have been here once, stayed in a hotel that looked promising but left a little to be desired. We’re … More From Gandhi to the Taj Mahal

Swamis and such

Day 11 – Part 2 Back on the bus we are headed for Swami Satchidananda’s childhood home and the lotus shrine, under construction, behind it. We are in a neighborhood. There are children walking home from school, houses lining the street and the smells of the evening meal being prepared. As we park in front … More Swamis and such

From Here to There

Day four: travel day. The interesting thing about travel within India is the concept if time and its elasticity. Within each city, travel time is usually accurate. Rickshaw and taxi drivers will do anything in their power to get you to your destination in the time they have estimated. Since there seem to be no … More From Here to There