Four Women, A Rooftop and an Indian Man

One of the many gifts of wandering is discovering new things. Food is no exception. I am no survivalist. I am not even a rugged outdoorsperson. But my wandering mojo allows me to find new and interesting things on well worn paths in the Florida woods or crooked and broken up sidewalks in India and … More Four Women, A Rooftop and an Indian Man

Time is an Illusion

Day 18 or maybe still 17, could be 19 Over nine hours from New Delhi to London. Half of it spent half sleeping. The other half spent rubbing elbows and thighs with my neighbors; a Sikh with a giant maroon turban and mustache to match on one side and a chubby non-specifically-identified-religion Indian man to … More Time is an Illusion

Nice to Meet You

Chennai: Day Two. India always smells like its a little bit on fire. Despite that it takes almost no time for me to feel comfortable and grounded here. A nice brief yoga and meditation this morning was exactly what we needed. Back in our room I decide to test the limits of our electrical converter … More Nice to Meet You

Spicey Start

Before 11 AM on any morning in Jaipur the only thing you will find open is the spice market and a smattering of stores that cater specifically to tourists. As we walked through the spice market we were greeted with the most enticing aromas of food being prepared, hot peppers in the open air and … More Spicey Start

Down by the Sea

Our next town was Daman; a resort town on the Arabian Sea. This part of the trip felt more surreal than any other to me. We were somewhat isolated and nothing had really beenĀ planned for us to do. We could rest, walk on the beach or stay in our rooms during the 2 days we … More Down by the Sea