Christmas on Easter

I went to Christmas on Easter for Sunrise Service. I arrived at 7, just as the park was opening. There was no one there to greet me or hand me a bulletin. There were no pews, no organ, no minister. But there was a hawk sitting atop a telephone pole watching as I parked, a … More Christmas on Easter


Oviedo, FL: For about 45 minutes yesterday it was as if I lived in an aviary. There were birds swooping and chirping all over my backyard. Cardinals, blue jays, doves, some others I couldn’t readily identify and this beauty. The sun is behind her so she’s in a little bit of shadow, but you can … More Redhead

Rainy Day Doves

Oviedo, FL: A pair of doves has made our bay tree their part time residence. There’s no nest in it, but apparently it provides enough cover and an adequate view. The skies have been weeping for the past three days, off and on, mostly on. The days gray and humid. When it first started to … More Rainy Day Doves