Chai on the Rooftop

I’m sitting in the middle of a Dharma and Yoga Event in Orlando, Florida. It is clearly a Hindu festival as evidenced by the sea of brown faces, lilting accents and ambiguous head bobs. I am in heaven. My companion, the other white girl, is scheduled to teach a half hour yoga class and she … More Chai on the Rooftop

Laundry Day

We had one in-country flight; from Mumbai to Jaipur. On our way to the Mumbai airport traffic became more and more congested as the city began to crop up around us. It is my understanding we never really made it near the city center, although it felt very much like we were in the thick … More Laundry Day

Laxmi Palace

In the middle of a crowded, littered, vibrant city sits a castle of stone. The Laxmi Palace is set way back on beautiful green acreage in Baroda, Gujarat. Most of the downstairs and the grounds were open to tourists but in some part of this palace people still live.