Monochrome Mondays

India column IMG_1816 (2)

Dasada, India. Not far from the Arabian Sea is the town of Dasada. Nearby the city center, which I did not have the pleasure of visiting, there is a magical place called Rann Riders. The grounds are vast with manicured walkways of tiny pebbles, dotted with statues, colunns and a few arbors. Surround the grouds are the huts; round structures with gigantic bathrooms and a large sleeping room with two beds and a desk. Each hut has a covered entry with double ancient wooden doors that are secured by a padlock. On the front porch is a swing and tiny mirrors are pressed into the clay walls of the exterior.

It was here that we came to rest and decompress after a long bus ride. We had been in India only one day before beginning our adventure and this was a beautiful place to start.


3 thoughts on “Monochrome Mondays

    1. There is something really magical about India. Even the hard to look at places have a sort of beauty. The daily prompt today took me right back there again! This time to Udaipur, my very favorite town in India. So far.

      1. Their culture is rich, their clothing colourful and stylish. I’d love to go one day. 🙂 even just to walk the streets and look at the buildings, the people, the plant life.

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