Weekly Photo Challenge – Zigzag

Spidey IMG_0937

[2 photos] I was at the Amrit Yoga Institute talking to a friend who was standing on the patio of a house. I was on the other side of a short garden wall from her. We were chatting away when I looked down and found this beauty. I didn’t have my camera so I begged this spectacular garden spider to please wait so I could photograph her. She obliged, not moving one scintilla. Her web is an intricate piece of art that just so happens to include a zigzag, perfect for this week’s challenge

spider IMG_0941.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Zigzag

    1. They’re very beneficial spiders in a garden, eating pests that eat flowers and food. They’re nice and bright so you can see them and therefore, not disturb them. Generally they want nothing to do with humans.

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