Stormy Weather

The storm brews as I watch from the second story balcony of my yoga studio.


I know of no other place on earth where the sky goes through so many emotions and costume changes in one day. From double rainbows to dazzling sunsets to ominous storm clouds, Florida is a skywatchers heaven and I’m happy to call it home.

True to history, this summer has been filled with violent and amazing afternoon storms. I love them, the power in the wind, tiny bits of icy hail on a 100 degree day and the 10 minutes of coolness before the sun re-emerges. This particular sky ended up being more talk than anything. Rain, not very hard, some thunder, no lightning. But beautiful.


4 thoughts on “Stormy Weather

  1. I love to watch the clouds as well, appreciate the shapes, not much the storm clouds, but the summer clouds, very white. I’ve never heard about this place, “Winter Springs” but for sure the name is interesting. Have a great Sunday!

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