Silenced by Beauty

I have had the tremendous fortune to be invited to this natural wonder for the long Fourth of July weekend. The beauty of the water and landscape is just breathtaking. In one day we did yoga on the deck of a private home overlooking the cobalt blue of the Atlantic ocean; took a boat ride along the turquoise sea to a cape with sugar for sand; had two stingrays skate by my feet; watched a seagull soar above with a belly the color of turquoise from the reflection of the water below; stopped on our way back to dive for conch and met a few giant starfishes; then grilled out with island friends at the Moonshine Bar a few doors down from where we are staying. Truly paradise. Stories and more photos to follow. Gotta get back out to the water!

4 thoughts on “Silenced by Beauty

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Allison, and liking my post. I can’t travel any more so I’ll travel with you on your beautiful blog. πŸ™‚ Irina

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