Abodes of India

FB 15 Amber IMG_3350

It’s day five of All Things Beginning with A. Today’s topic is abode. Abode: a place in which a person resides; residence; dwelling; habitation; home.

As I travel, I have learned that a home can be almost anywhere and made of almost anything.

We don’t like to think about people living on the streets, in boxes, in the woods. It makes us uncomfortable because we can’t imagine ourselves in the same situation. Or maybe we can and that’s what truly terrifies us.

All over the world there are extremes. In Washington, DC, for years one of the largest homeless populations lived just across from the White House. In India tent cities emerge in the shadow of walled mansions. Almost everywhere vacant lots sit beside or near beautiful big homes. Trailer parks share the ocean front with multi-million dollar mansions.

There is a middle ground, perhaps an average home, but those are easy to miss. Here are a few homes in India that caught my attention on recent trips.



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