Cheers and Namaste

Today begins our three week adventure east. My friend Karin and I are off first to London then on to India – again.

Day one London. After arriving 6 am London time and 1 am our internal clock time posed a unique set of circumstances not unfamiliar to those who regularly hop time zones. We do not regularly hop time zones. We opted for a nap, just a short one to refresh ourselves before venturing out. Four hours later, awake and freshly scrubbed of travel stink, we hit the concierge desk for general directions to any sight worth seeing. So naturally we started with Starbucks.

Once sufficiently fueled and armed with a few touristy options we took off across Green Park in search of the river Thames. Midway through the park the skies began to open and we were forced first to take cover under the overhang of a coffee kiosk, and then to turn back.

By the time we returned to our room the sun was once again shining.

We took to the streets once again with umbrellas we would not need. Choosing to stay a little closer to the hotel since darkness would accompany us on our way home, we headed for the nearby shopping district.

Pretending like we knew what we were doing we headed into Harrods to take afternoon tea. Pinkies up.

Satisfied we could check one decidedly British event off our list we headed back to the hotel.

Assuming it must be nearly midnight we were prepared to stay in. Realizing it was just after six we wandered back to the comfort of Starbucks and free wifi to plan tomorrow’s adventures.


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