Donkey Love

Donkeys IMG_0410

Melbourne, FL: There is something so endearing about donkeys. Less majestic than their larger, sleeker kin, the horse, donkeys are much more approachable. For me anyway. They seem grounded and generally positive. Horses, while beautiful, always seem distracted or wary.  If I walk toward a horse at a fence they first freeze, unsure of my intentions. Some will stay, some will walk away, but always I feel as if we’re both a little tentative about our meeting.  If I walk toward a donkey I get the impression they’re thinking, “Oh good, you’re here. Now let’s snuggle.”

These two were no exception. As I crossed the street to get a closer look they first moved into each other, then into the fence. As I walked along the fence they followed. Each step I took away from them, to capture their adorableness from the front, they stepped forward, keeping the distance between us the same. I had to pretend not to move as I took baby steps backwards.

They have acres and acres of land to play on, yet they stay at the barbed wire fence for hours each day in hopes of meeting new people. They are quite social and full of love. I’m glad they have each other. And I’m happy to have spent a few minutes making their acquaintance.

Couple Donkeys IMG_0422

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