06 FB IMG_3919
Amrit Yoga Institute, Salt Springs, FL

The earth is soaking in darkness,
At once wicked and sacred.
A match is struck,
the glow of the flame barely visible on the horizon.
I hold my breath.
It’s going to come quickly now.
Without  prompting or hesitation
the glorious fiery orb makes its debut.
Darkness relents to light.
Its entrance slow and measured.
The earth begins to warm.
The dome becomes a ball
What once rose out of the earth
is now separate,
It is the birth of a new day.
The inhalation.

Above the earth
the sun hovers
high in the sky.
It’s length of service determined by the calendar.

With Spring a sparkle
Day by day objects become shinier
coming into focus.
The giant star of summer,
full of its own power,
makes the air quiver with heat.
The Sun of Autumn begins to relax,
working a little less each day.
The Winter sun grows weary,
struggling to illuminate.
With little strength
it convalesces,
making  guest appearances
on days when it’s own power can be reflected back to it
like a mirror.
Radiating on the white snow
slick ice.
Fully rested
in the Spring
once again
it emerges stronger.

While the sun may forgive a missed entrance,
it will not tolerate a meek exit.
Turning clouds to pink,
green trees to orange
beaches to violet
it saves it’s best magic for last.

It is at the end of the day
the sun becomes its most important
most boastful.
Painting the sky with color,
one last shot at fame.
Cameras trained on western horizon lines
over water,
between mountains
in back yards,
It’s descent is quick.
The ball of fire no longer visible,
yet light remains.
A reminder that it was here.
Color shifts,
blurring edges,
blending shadows.
Finally a blanket of darkness
envelops the earth
and the day exhales.

FB 03 Kutch IMG_1682
Dasada, Gujurat, India

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