The Road Between

Blue Springs path tiny

Blue Springs State Park, Orange City, FL

Overwhelmed. It’s a word I hear a lot – sometimes from others, sometimes it slips from my lips.

During a recent such bout of the O word I endeavored to define it for myself. For many it just means there’s too much to be done and not enough time or resources to do it. Sometimes it’s a gap in understanding that creates frustration. For me it means I have more stuff I’m supposed to do keeping me from the stuff I want to do.

The truth is, if I were more amenable to structure I could knock out the “have to” and get right to the “want to” expeditiously. But I seem quite comfortable hanging out between the two in a little place I like to call Procrastination.

In the town of Procrastination I am always busy. Sometimes I need to clean the kitchen, or “research” something online. Often I need to organize – filing papers, alphabetizing DVDs, rearranging furnishings and things for more visual appeal and efficiency. Then there are times when nothing but a nap will do. I seem to spend a lot of time letting my dogs in and out, which leads to tiny backyard photo expeditions – my favorite distraction in Procrastination.

The air is a little heavier in Procrastination, the ground, a little boggy and sluggish. It appears as if gravity is stronger, more dense, forcing me to slow down. Sit down. Always Procrastination is a place I quickly visit and slowly leave. The road to Completion seems long and arduous from Procrastination, There are so many things that could go wrong, so much that has to be done, so much to do, I just don’t know where to start. So I just don’t.

I believe I will begin work on a bypass around Procrastination. It seems as if I could move more efficiently from Overwhelm to Completion if there was a way around Procrastination. If I could just skip right over it.  I’ll get started on that bypass a little later today. After I get a few more things done. Perhaps I will name the bypass Delay.

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