Making Sense

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Where you place your eyes is important. What you choose to look at throughout the day can shape your mood, your outlook and your life; if I may be dramatic. I think you know it’s true.

We take our world in through our senses. We are very picky about what we eat. The softness of a towel makes a difference. We know stink. But when it comes to sight and sound a lot can be done to us without our permission. Unless you become aware. Unless you begin to make choices that can help offset the defaults that happen throughout the day.

We can’t control the weather, the whining of a coworker or the bass in the car behind us. But we can control how we react to them. If we’re already in a state of tension or distraction these things begin to build like unchecked soap scum, clouding our vision and writing ridiculous stories that we react to. If, on the other hand, we make conscious choices from the start, our response will be much different.

Consider this scenario:

I wake up to my beeping alarm, not once but probably four times. I stumble into the shower with my eyes closed, get dressed, get coffee – maybe in that order, and leave the house. I get stuck in traffic. Around me all I see are other disgruntled minions. I get to work, park in the garage, enter my florescent-lit office and take a seat in my gray cubicle with a photo of my dog and a sunset. As the day lumbers on I feel heavier, weighed down. Happy for five o’clock, I guess, I leave work, go home, sit on the couch while I eat my frozen dinner, watch the news – the world is going to hell, watch my favorite crime show – the one with the psychopaths, then go to bed.

Lather, rinse, repeat. For five days.


I wake up to the sound of chimes (there are alarm clocks like that), get a cup of coffee or tea, walk to my back patio to enjoy it and watch the sun rise. The warmth of the coffee cup in my hands a nice contrast to the damp morning. Smells like rain. It’s a little gray, but there are the most beautiful clouds and as the sun begins to rise the sky begins to blush. Close by a mourning dove is cooing, in the distance a neighbor’s dog is barking. The wind begins to pick up impregnating the curtains with air and encouraging the wind chimes to dance. The breeze is cool. Refreshing. I head inside to get ready. In the shower I select the organic body wash with lavender and peppermint. Once ready for work, I grab a banana and head out the door. The traffic is heavy but I’m a little early and I’m grateful for the extra time to finish listening to a motivational podcast….

You get the point. You can set yourself up on purpose with intention or you can be set up by not paying attention.

It’s a choice. It’s always a choice. An awareness. Be very mindful what you allow in.  Watch carefully where you point yourself. Energy follows attention. Choose to infuse your day with the scents, sounds and sights that keep your vibration high, uplift you, bring you peace and keep you present.

My prescription? Less news, more nature. You’ll like the side effects.

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